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        Unicorns & Dragons

        FirebreatherThe Last Unicorn

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        This is a strange tale, for I don't believe there is another like me! I have a dual personality. I know, I know, so have others, but my personalities are unique! You see, I am part Unicorn and part Dragon though I don't look like either! I look like a normal human. My Unicorn name is Janeria and my Dragon name is Janeth.

        When my Unicorn personality is in control, I am calm, gentle, protective in a quiet way. I love all humans and animals, though in my Dragon persona this is also true. The difference is the ferocity with which I love. I am not so calm and gentle as a Dragon, but I am not cruel! I am the valiant defender of all that is good. As a Dragon, I am fierce in my protection of all I love. As a Unicorn, reasoning and negotiations are my way to attain peace. But if those I love are threatened and words won't work…beware of angering me!

        I will defend my family and friends at all costs!

        I first noticed this uniqueness as a child when I felt an affinity to the mystical and magical. I didn't know then it was because I myself was mystical and magical! But as I grew older, I noticed that I had a strange effect on others. If there were problems to be solved, people came to me. The Unicorn in me took over and helped them to resolve whatever issues were causing discord. And when there was someone to defend, someone who was being abused, my Dragon self would come to the fore and right the wrongs!

        It is difficult at times to be two such strong personalities at once, but mostly it is very rewarding.

        I have created this site to give vent to these personalities. I must be very clear, although Unicorns are, for the most part, perceived as good creatures, the same cannot be said for Dragons. You must know and accept that Dragons are good and were created for the protection of mankind before you can appreciate the dragons I have gathered together on these pages.

        Oh, Unicorns can be very elusive, they are shy, so visit with them quietly. Dragons love company, but can be very testy at times (it's the gas) so feel free to visit with them, but respect them and whatever you do, don't touch their hordes!

        This site was created with the help of others on the web who have provided free graphics and all of whom I have recognized here, I hope! If you notice a graphic that is yours and I have not given proper credit, please e-mail me and let me know so I can fix the omission! It is not my intention to take improper credit!

        And so, enjoy your visit. See the adoptees, adopt a Unicorn of your own, travel the rings or read some interesting info on Unicorns and Dragons on the Lore page. This last page is still being worked on and more information will be added as time goes on, so return often and PLEASE sign my guestbook.

        I've also done a few fantasy graphics sets that are yours for the taking! Just follow the rules!

        NEW!! Visit the poetry page featuring the work of Trevor Delaney

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        My horse Murphy decided to visit! But the strangest thing happened
        when he crossed over into FANTASY!!! He became a Dragmire!!

        sMurph Dragmire

        Many thanks to Myrror for capturing his likeness so well!!

        Visit Murphy at his usual home

        sMurph's World
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        I've moved my awards to their own page hoping that this page will load faster.

        If you'd like to see them, just click on the word awards.

        From there you can click on any one of the awards and find out how to get your own!


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