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          Girl & Unicorn Dragon

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          The Unicorn has always been depicted as a creature of beauty and purity. Entrapped only by a virgin's innocence. Its horn is said to possess magical qualities for healing and detecting poison. It became a desired object for royalty with concerns about untimely deaths. The unicorn is also used as symbol for Christ in Christian religions. They are known around the world.

          Unicorns having a horse-like appearance is a recent occurrence. The use of horses, with horns added, in movies has perpetuated this concept. As in the movie "Legend", where the beautiful Andalusians were used. Historically, they have appeared goat-like or deer-like. This is evident in the famed Unicorn Tapestries and other Medieval art works that depicted Unicorns.

          Can a creature that has such world wide acceptance and recognition, be only a fictional being? How could it?! In all its incarnations, it is a creature of goodness and luck. A stand against evil and the dark, again, as in the movie "Legend". How can they be so universally recognized and not exist?

          I collect Unicorns. I have always loved them. I like to believe that they did, at least at one time, exist and that perhaps they still do!

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          Dragons, unlike Unicorns, have a mixed history as to their natures. Are they good and misunderstood, or are they evil? I believe they are good, that they were put here to protect mankind. Because of their fearsome appearance they have been misunderstood and feared by the humans they are meant to protect.

          There are several types of dragons and they, like the Unicorn, are universally recognized. In China they are considered lucky and were the symbol of Chinese royalty.

          Here is an article on dragons, taken from Encyclopedia Mythica

          The Flight of Dragons
          by Brent P. Newhall

          In 1979, Peter Dickinson published a book called "The Flight of Dragons", a fascinating title dealing with our favorite fantasy character. In it, he postulates that since dragons so pervade our culture and our myths, the concept that they might have actually existed is a thing to think about. Every culture on the globe has some sort of dragon myth, so it must be based on some creature. He goes on to explain how such a creature might actually exist.

          Obviously, a dragon could not fly with his wings only; the wings would have to be around 600 feet wide to support one. However, we DO see something flying today which has no wings. Ever heard of the Goodyear blimp?

          It stands to reason, then, that a creature could have some kind of chemical mechanism wherein he could "fill" himself with a lighter-than-air gas, in which point, if he was light enough (which the blimp is), he could rise to the heavens, with the wings being used for mild propulsion and steering. When he releases the gas in a kind of belch (to get back down!), a chemical in his mouth ignites the gas, creating the tell-tale breath of fire. Remember, cows make methane (a highly flammable gas) in their stomachs. These chemicals would also create the highly corrosive liquid known as "dragon's blood," which would explain its ability to melt swords and the like away. It would also corrode the dragon carcass comparatively quickly, erasing all evidence of the dragon (and thus all fossil evidence).

          As for why dragons hoarded gold, you should realize that gold will not make a sharp point (for long) when laid upon, and it also could not be affected by the "dragon's blood" at all. This is most important: anywhere the dragon would lie would be a chemical swamp rather quickly; gold would allow for a lair which could stay a lair for a while. Many more aspects of dragons are covered in the book which are not covered here; if you have an interest in dragons, this is a source for straight reasoning on.

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