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Me & sMurph at the USET

I know you've seen this picture on my links page but this was an exciting day for me so indulge me!! We were showing at the ESDCTA recogonized dressage show at the USET! We even had respectable results, a 3rd and a 5th!



Our Very Short Combined Training Careers

Here's a shot of us during the cross country portion of our 1 and only Combined Training outing. Loved it, but moved from Virginia to NJ and couldn't find anybody to participate with me! (I don't own a trailer!) I also couldn't find a jumping trainer that I really liked so we are just doing dressage now! Good thing he's VERY good at it!!

sMurph's Friends at Home

This is my dressage instructor, Roy Como, on St. Tropez (S.T.), his horse. Roy is a great instructor. Very patient and knowledgeable. He teaches dressage in the classical style with the well-being of the horse his first priority.




This is Ros and Finny. They are barn buddies, fellow dressage enthusiasts and students of Roy! Ros is a news editor on a big time radio news show & Finny (Finnegan) is an Irish T-bred! Finnegan's Stall is their home on the web! Go check it out: Finnegan's Stall

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