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              I am a novice at this and am doing it for fun. If you like any of these sets feel free to use them. Just follow the simple do's and don'ts. The graphics on this particular page and on other pages on my site are NOT for use. Some of them were taken from other free graphics sites and are indicated as such. If you like them, go to that designer's page to get yours. There are links on the applicable pages. If there is no link, I did the background and associated graphics and they are for my use only.

              Please download whatever you need. Position your cursor over the image you want to download, right click on the mouse and "Save image as.." The backgrounds can be saved by positioning the cursor anywhere on the background and saved the same way but it will say "Save Background as.."

              Ask if you would like me to put words on your buttons Jan

              Please provide a link to this page should you use any of the graphics. There is a logo banner designed to go with each set. The link should be to

              <a href ="">

              It would be nice if you signed my guestbook and let me know where the set will be used.

              Personal, G-Rated home pages only!!!

              DO NOT, under any circumstances, link to this server. That's stealing bandwidth!

              Don't alter these graphics in any way, other than adding text to blank buttons

              Don't display my graphics in another archive or collection.

              Here are the sets. There are some unicorns and some dragons.

              Unicorn Pool
              Unicorn Cave
              Unicorn Cloud
              Flower Unicorn
              Crystal Dragon
              China Dragon
              China Dragon 2
              Cloud Dragon