We're having a party and you are the host!
Cuz you are the one that deserves it the most!
So here we all are to sign your book!
Now take some time to read and look
We're your fellow Dragons, its true
And we've brought some party fireworks for you!

You've been scribed by Janeth Quill
Come out of your cave and climb the hill,
All the way beyond the Dome
To where Team Spirit makes its home!
Fly away with mighty ROARS
And show the world your Spirit SOARS
Let all hear your mighty SHOUT
Fly away to SHOUT IT OUT!

Mighty Dragons of Darksbane
Keep the world of humans sane!
Show your strength with mighty roars
Show all how your spirit soars!
Dragon shouts are the best
Raise the spirits of the rest!
So all you Dragons come on out!
Do you're best to SHOUT IT OUT!!!

Pattie & Chuck

MY Signature

Unicorns & Dragons for you await
So don't be shy, don't hesitate!
Come on over to visit awhile
And bless my guestbook with your smile!

~~***~~ Sprinkle,sprinkle~~**~~

A Spirit Fairy has come along
To dust your site and sing a song
To wish good luck and check your Spirit
Now SHOUT IT OUT! so all can hear it!!

D'Janeria Fairy has run by quick
And left behind a Spirit Stick!

Dragon hunter sig.

Hi There..I'm Dragon Hunter Janeth, from the Darksbane Dragons at the Site Fights. I was just looking over your site and I think that you might really do well over at our web competition called The Site Fights. There are so many wonderful things you can do over at the Fights, like Adopt Dragons and other little cute creatures for your pages, get in on scavenger hunts, and most of all, meet a lot of really great people from all over the world!

If you're interested, you can find the Site Fights by going to the following url: http://www.thesitefights.com

My particular team is called the Darksbane Dragons. You can take a look at my team at the following url: http://www.thesitefights.com/sarina/

Come on out and take a look around... We can't wait to meet ya!

Dragon Hunter Janeth
Sarina Blackmoon, Manager,
Darksbane Dragons
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